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HELP!!! Nick Marks

SECRET SERVICE, CIA, FBI, and ARMY have attacked me and my family. I civilian!!! They have caused me to Postpone Presidential Run till 2028! 438-45-8217 - - 712 535 8589 - want asylum with air force - locked fake internet. they surround me.

Until further notice I am pausing my presidential run. Due to clandestine forces beyond my limited understanding I am forced to withdraw. I am currently being targeted for character assassination and am unable to get help from almost all governmental institutions. Theory is CIA and FBI stole my I.P. and I.D. and family. However I plan to dedicate the next 5 years to understanding all areas of government to best serve the American people in preparation for my run for president or vice president in 2028. I also want to open my own branch of goverment called the DSU. Defenders or developers of Super Universe. The new name is the evolution of the ideas from PublicVerse>OpenVerse>SuperReality>SuperAmerica>SuperUniverse.

Help. Look at both books. Please meet me. Outside of Langley in Mclean and Staybridge Hotel.


Super Green America Book - Used pseudonym Michaël marks. This details out my plans for and AI based civilization.

Super America Art Book - Future Meme drawings that show what AI based society may look like. Error in file. No R as middle name. Middle names are Michael and Hollender. Nicholas Michael Hollender Marks
Video - An older pre presidential video I did with Kurzgesagt on the Metaverse when Super America was called Super Reality. Also before this was called OpenVerse, PublicVerse.

Videos of me Hiking For President 2024

A Call For Help

I am currently in a Kinkos being targeted by various forces using electrical weapons not beyond my comprehension. I am civilian wrongfully targeted by CIA, FBI, army and other governmental forces. I fear we live in a society of fear and oppression that does not let the good truly speak their mind. Manipulating everything in my life including my kids and wife. I will not stand for it. I am putting the world on notice. This standard operating procedure of terrorism against civilians and other essential workers is at an end. I will make it my life's work to change these systems from the inside. If anyone has contacts and the Dept of Defense, Space Force, CIA, and or FBI I would very much like a job at the highest levels to review all operations and help make sense of the harrowing phenomena I have witnessed. As I write this I was turned away from the FBI again today on a Monday Feb 5 2024, I suspect for reporting multiple acts of terrorism that they themselves may be knowingly sponsoring. Today they may have even been prompted by the CIA to shut down the office so I could not report a possible nerve gas agent used on me at the Double Tree hotel. Shame on you FBI. However I realize you are good people and I would meaningfully like to join your operations to innovate on all these Orwellian operations. Are people bad? I don't think so. I think it's just poor system design something I am exceedingly good at :) 

I am watching you US and world governments. The world is watching you. Your actions fill all good people with shame and cannot go on any longer. I suspect the highest of people all over the world once they find out will not stand for this. The world will change. What side of history will you be on. This is me drawing a line in the sand. It's time to fly, fight and crow.

Authentication stuff: ( long ago 1998 ) - First website that gave freetextures to internet - I had for it and they stole it maybe am learning? Girl faked to be me? - true crime LA and NY, Shrek 2 PS2, Kung Fu Panda Prototype - i like vidoegameartists - tried to figure out how to teach everything - Vigilante 8 arcade for Xbox Live - I draw the future

Art Institute of Los Angeles Game Wizards - Teacher - co-founder sorta - founder and still CEO. Teach kids, teens, adults, and adults on the spectrum.


Minted NFT 2018 Metacorn with They know me!

Family brainwashed by CIA??? I.P. stolen. I.D. stolen. Gene Ruda, Gordon Fuller, Chris Philipp, Mark Frazier maybe bad men...maybe Lisa Watts good friend. Investor and maybe friends Klaus Schauser, Andreas Von Blottnitz...Scott Mueller friend

LOCKED OUT OF Turned away 10+ times FBI LA, CIA everywhere around me. Void internet around me. Think maybe air force is good. Helping me. Maybe space force. Help. 

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