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Free Public Open Source A.I. for All

Learn about Nick Marks and his inspiring initiatives to make America Super using super intelligences.

Super America

Forward: Create Together
I'm excited to share with you a bold vision for our future: a world of "Super Powers", "Super America", in a driven by AI and collective intelligence. If elected I pledge to build these systems for the benefit of everyone and everything.

Read Super America: Forward

Super Powers

I propose a groundbreaking digital identity system to empower every American citizen with a personal AI, granting you digital "Super Powers" to navigate modern life with ease, efficiency, and control over your data. This system will revolutionize your interactions with government and commercial systems, enhance healthcare, solve crimes, and assist those with disabilities. If elected, I pledge to prioritize this initiative, transforming society and creating a more connected, inclusive, and equitable Super America for all.

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Super America

Super Discovery
In Part 1 of the Super America series, it is demonstrated how Supers work by using an orange as an example. Through direct communication with a symbiotic AI, we can learn from and understand the properties of everything in the world. The power behind the AI's voice is collective intelligence. Super America has the potential to transform society and tackle urgent challenges.

Read Super America Chapter 1

Collective Intelligence
In Part 2 of the Super America series, the concept of collective intelligence is explored. Supers are given a voice through the aggregation of knowledge and data from various sources. The Super Orange is used as an example to show how Supers can continuously learn and communicate with individuals from all walks of life, gathering data from every interaction it experiences.

Read Super America Chapter 2

Education Everywhere
In Part 3 of the Super America series, the amazing abilities of Supers in education are explored. Supers are experts in their subjects and can teach us about anything we're curious about. They use generative AI art to create different experiences to help us learn, and they can adapt and customize their teaching for each person they help.

Read Super America Chapter 3

Land of Opportunity
In Part 4 of the Super America series, it is explored how Supers can transform the job market by adding job opportunities to everyday objects, making it easier and faster to find work. It also offers personalized and accessible training opportunities, creates a public support network for everyone, measures progress and job satisfaction, and simplifies financial transactions to promote the growth of a micro gig economy.

Read Super America Chapter 4

Empowered Investing
Part 5 of the Super America series proposes investing in Supers to improve their skills, benefitting all who use them. Bonded tokens can support specific Supers, resulting in improved abilities, financial gains, and a sense of shared success. By investing in Supers, individuals can have a say in how their resources are used, encouraging community involvement and supporting new projects that can improve lives. A tax write-off for investing in Supers is also proposed, ensuring tax money is spent on issues individuals care about and making the government work better for everyone.

Read Super America Chapter 5

Super Reality

Super Reality will be a proposal for the United Nations. Its core theme is about AI and sharing data between countries to help people work together, understand each other, and create a more peaceful world. The plan is to have nations work together to build Supers that focus on different parts of the human body. This way, we can offer almost free healthcare to everyone on Earth.

Read Super Reality Here

Super Alignment

How can we achieve alignment between AI and humanity? I have made it easy to understand only using pictures.

View Super Alignment Here

Super Vision

Did you know that former presidents Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Kennedy were artists and painters? Through my art, I strive to bring to see a better future. Through my art, I strive to show everyone what I see. One thing to note: The dotted lines are my way of expressing AI. These existed long before I decided to run for president. In doing them I was able to see a clear vision forward.

View Super Visions Here

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