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Humans and the Humanoids

I was 20 years old when I first logged onto the internet in 1996. Until that time, I had experienced the world unfiltered and free from AI algorithms. I engaged in outdoor activities, explored my creativity through drawing, and built genuine relationships with others. In those days, the content I consumed in books, movies, games, and television was created by amazing creators. My life and all our lives were orchestrated by human decisions. We were true humans.

However, the world has changed dramatically since then, and my daughters are growing up in a starkly different reality. Nowadays, algorithms control our digital lives, as artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly permeates our everyday experiences. Our interactions with AI have grown exponentially.

Take YouTube, for example. I love it. Its algorithm determines which content I should watch, and I often find myself hopping from one clip to another in a matter of every 5 to 10 minutes. The algorithm offers suggestions to me, and I choose. So every 5 to 10 minutes, I meet the AI, so to speak.

Now consider TikTok, where clips are just seconds long. My daughter, like countless other young people, is captivated by the platform, her attention span molded by 5 to 10-second videos. She does not choose. The algorithm feeds her a relentless stream of content, each clip presenting a new idea chosen by a blackbox AI. YouTube Shorts is no different. My daughter and her generation are being shaped by algorithms; I am too, we all are.

Algorithms, such as those employed by TikTok, are becoming increasingly invasive. They observe, learn, and listen to you in order to discern what will capture your attention most effectively. These algorithms are so adept at engaging our interest that it becomes difficult to resist their allure. We are becoming content to let the AI show us what it wants to show us. We take in this data and are influenced by it. Programmed by it. They are transforming us into what I will call humanoids – humans programmed by AI. Yes... I am rebranding the word.

Soon, generative AI will create movies, games, and television shows, with the majority of our content produced by these algorithms. GPTs are going to write more for us. In the next 5 years, I think we will see 99.9% of the content on the internet created by AIs. Closed source AIs whose algorithms we are helpless against.

Zak Stein, the writer, expresses deep concern about this situation. He believes that we are at risk of losing an essential aspect of our humanity as people become increasingly shaped by algorithms. This is why my Super Powers initiative is of paramount importance to all Americans. We need to fight fire with fire. It aims to empower us to regain our humanity, to give us superpowered control over our data and AI. By having access to personal AI, transparent algorithms, we can control the content that enters our lives, shape it, and guide it to our will.

Parents everywhere are witnessing their children becoming increasingly disconnected, as algorithms assert control over their lives. The Super Powers initiative seeks to restore parental influence over the content their children consume, allowing us to harness the power of AI for our benefit, rather than standing by and letting it helplessly parent our children. You will have the ability to both guide and influence their AI, while also using your own AI to help them.

As a presidential candidate, I am committed to fighting for the Super Powers initiative. A vote for me is a vote for control of your data and control over algorithms programming you and your children. I want families with Super Powers! Together, we can reclaim our humanity and embrace a future where technology serves our needs, rather than controlling our lives. Nick Marks 2024

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