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Super America and Civium

Excited!! I am meeting with Jordan Hall, who has greatly inspired me to think bigger with his work on Civium. Although I had designed entire worlds in video games before, I never really thought about what it would take to redesign physical world systems. Jordan's vision gave me the license to think bigger and explore the possibilities of creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Civium aims to make our society better, fairer, and more sustainable through collective intelligence and the use of new technology like blockchain. It wants to create a system where everyone is treated fairly and the environment is taken care of. By changing the way we do things like growing food and making money, Civium believes that everyone can be happy and healthy.

I agree with many things about Civium, but I'm also interested to see where we might disagree. Jordan is a big believer in the Dunbar Number, but I am not. I think that while the Dunbar Number may have been relevant in the physical world, digital reality breaks it wide open. With the formation of personal AI networks and widespread holographic travel, I believe the Dunbar Number will become exponential and global. Here are bullet points on Super America that I created to share with Jordan. They touch on similar themes to Civium and Super America. Super America


  • Decentralized personal data storage: In Super America, your data is kept safe on your own devices or special storage pods, keeping it private and secure.

  • Enhanced personal problem-solving: Your Personal AI/Digital Identity helps you solve problems and makes systems frictionless.

  • Decentralized reality data storage: Everything plant. Animal, and object is a Super, and their data is stored on decentralized apps like IPFS, Near, or maybe Holochain.

  • Open Source Nature: While personal AIs data private and controlled by individuals, everything about nature systems should be public data. Super America supports making all natural systems open-source.


  • Comprehensive data sources: Super America connects every plant, animal, object, and idea to with collective intelligence, helping us gain a shared understanding of the world.

  • Community-driven insights: People in the community can use and share data between Supers and Super Selves to understand complicated things and work together.

  • Institutional collective intelligence: Organizations become even smarter with the help of Supers and augmented collective intelligence.

  • Ultimate sensemaking network: Each Super is a collection of our data, perceptions and real time sensor data. They hold singularities and help us make sense of infinity.

Regenerative Practices

  • Expert guidance: Supers in Super America give great advice on how to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

  • Sustainable transitions: Supers help communities switch to earth-friendly practices like regenerative agriculture and renewable energy.

  • Environmentally conscious choices: Personal AI assistants guide you to make eco-friendly choices in daily life.

  • Holistic environmental approach: Super America emphasizes taking care of the planet at every level of society.

Human-scale design

  • Object-based Super Intelligences: Supers are bound to nature objects. They are new abstracted alien AI entities. They are human scale Super intelligences that are symmetrical with the real world we all inhabit.

  • Personal AI connections: The Super network helps people with similar interests find each other and work together to nurture community. A serendipity engine.

  • Accessible and human-centric technologies: Supers focus on making life better for people, not just making more money. They are an enlightenment engine.

Adaptive governance

  • Real-time data and collaboration: Supers share up-to-date information and help people and government officials work together and make better decisions at every level.

  • Open source and resilient infrastructure: Supers use open-source data and code to build trust, and a strong Mesh network keeps everything connected even in emergencies.

  • Customizable AI for cultural preservation: Supers respect local culture, history, and values by letting people customize their data at every level.

  • Enhanced public services and resilience: Your personal supers make it easier to access public services, support eco-friendly practices, and empower people, creating strong communities.

Education and skill-building

  • Personalized learning and empowered adaptability: Supers offer custom education for everyone, helping you grow, learn new skills, and adapt to a changing world.

  • Enlightened development: Supers teach us to see intelligence in everything and connect with nature by "talking" to plants and animals.

  • Immersive and collaborative experiences: Supers use AI, augmented reality, and shared knowledge to create transformative learning experiences.


  • Diversified economic opportunities: Supers help create a strong local economy with many small jobs for people.

  • Proactive adaptation: Supers keep learning and can keep guiding communities to adjust to change and stay strong in the long run.

  • Strengthened community networks: Supers help people in the community work together and support each other when facing challenges.

  • Resource and risk management: Supers make it easier to use resources wisely and reduce risks, helping communities build a sustainable future.

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