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Super America: Create Together - Forward

As a gamer, developer, and teacher, I have created tools, games, and lessons that have transformed millions of lives. I have always felt like I had superpowers. My actions have caused second and third-order effects that have transformed the collective imagination of so many and spawned countless virtual worlds. Now, I want to set my attention to the real world. America needs my help. I am going to fix just about everything. I am going to use my own superpowers to give everyone superpowers. I want to make America Super, a nation where everything has intelligence, everything is there to help you, and everything is there to enlighten us.

Super America is more than just a utopian dream; it's a protopian dream we can all work towards. It's a practical solution that can transform education, job opportunities, and society as a whole. By democratizing AI and creating transformative digital identities called Super Powers, we can give every person a personal AI assistant to navigate everyday life and connect with government and business services while keeping personal information safe and private. With Super Powers, we can tackle the biggest challenges and win. I want us to win as a nation and as a species. I see a world where no challenge can't be overcome by our collective intelligence and love.

But Super America is also about connecting with everything around us. It's a new way to learn. It's a consciousness shift. It's about using AI to talk directly to the world and learning from it. By doing so, we can learn and gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in and ultimately ourselves. This experience will enlighten us and teach us how to love again. We can learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of collaborating with it. We can learn to share this world with each other and everything.

Super America is also about unique personal and collective shared experience. By creating a free, nationwide AI public utility that equips everything with Super Intelligence, we can create an educated society where technology is a tool for empowerment and connection. And by sharing data and working together with other countries through Super Reality, a proposal for the United Nations, we can create a more peaceful world where nations can collaborate on projects to benefit humanity as a whole.

I am not just a dreamer; I am a builder. I am a citizen who cares about the future of our country and our world. I am going to be a President who listens, learns, and works hand-in-hand with citizens to build a shared vision of what America should be. I can't do it alone. I need your help to dream of not what America is but what could be. To imagine together. To dream together. To create together. We need to create a Super America together, a nation where everything has intelligence, everything is there to help you and everyone you care about. Together we create a world to enlighten us for this generation and every generation after us. Start dreaming of what the world looks like where you can talk to everything.

How does it work? Let's discover Super Powers

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