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Super America: Empowered Investing - Part 5

Investing in a Super intelligence is a beneficial investment for everyone. By providing resources to improve a Super's skills, it becomes smarter and more useful, benefitting all who use it. Although the exact system may be unclear, we can look to US bonds or bonded tokens to explore the idea.

With bonded tokens, people, groups, and governments can support the growth of specific Super intelligences. As more people use the Super and its tokens, their value may increase. Investing in these tokens can result in improved Super abilities, financial gains from interest payments or sales, and a sense of shared success. Furthermore, all have access to the information generated by the super intelligence. A smart Super improves everything around it.

Each Super should have its unique token. This encourages support and contribution to a particular Super, letting people invest in its growth and potentially gain from its success. Unique tokens also help keep track of the Super's resources and use, ensuring value created within the system remains there. A specific token can create a community around the Super, with people investing in its growth and success. Lastly, having a choice of how funds are spent is important. Let's consider how investing in a Super could have assisted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supers represent credible data. Honestly, I am still uncertain about the complete truth regarding Covid. Was it the plague? Was it just a cold? Or was it somewhere in between? We must admit that each of us is limited in our knowledge. However, a Super intelligence done right is not. A trusted, open-source system such as Super America could have aided us in finding the truth together. The government spend 1.8 trillion dollars. Imagine if that money went into creating a Super of COVID. We could have invested in discovering the truth for all of time. Let's examine how Supers could have altered COVID. If we had collaborated to create a Super intelligence of COVID, we could have better confronted the challenges brought about by our limitations.

The Covid-19 pandemic could have been better handled with a Covid Super. Such a Super would have provided an open-source data system that would have enabled clear communication and teamwork, leading to a better response to the crisis. With everyone working with the same accurate data, including governments, doctors, hospitals, and citizens, misinformation and confusion could have been avoided. An open-source data system would have made accurate information easily accessible and understandable to everyone. This would have helped people make better decisions to protect themselves and others. Also, open-source data would have allowed anyone to verify that the information is reliable and accurate, building trust between the public and the government.

Supers provide a centralized place to put money, time, and data in a decentralized system, creating a focused approach that gathers intelligence in a public and open way. Building Supers to handle emergencies can be done on different levels, from local communities to worldwide threats. With reliable information being crucial during emergencies, a Super that focuses on the particular issue helps us channel resources where they are needed most.

Investing in Supers allows individuals to invest in the collective intelligence of anything they want. By contributing resources towards improving a specific Super's skills, it becomes smarter and more useful, benefitting all who use it. This investment strategy is not limited to addressing community issues or endangered species, but extends to anything people are passionate about improving. It could be specific scientific research, physical locations, products, ideas, and more. With unique tokens, people can invest in a specific Super and potentially gain from its success while contributing to its growth. The bond token system fosters a sense of shared success, and everyone has access to the information generated by the Super. By investing in Supers, individuals can have a say in how their resources are used, encouraging involvement in their community and supporting new ideas and projects that can improve our lives. With the Super Powers initiative we can even invest in each other.

As a presidential candidate, I propose that people who invest in a Super of their choice should get a tax write-off. This would ensure that tax money is spent on issues individuals care about, encouraging involvement in the community. By investing in Supers, people can have a say in how their tax dollars are used, making them more interested in what's happening in their community and helping the government work better for everyone. This would also support new ideas and projects that can improve our lives.

Investing in Supers and getting a tax write-off has numerous benefits, including working together on important issues, making the government more open and honest, and supporting new ideas that can improve our lives. By letting people decide where their tax money goes, we can build a better future for everyone.

I will say this! This is just one way I can see investing in Supers. A US bond token seems like a good idea. But I am sure once the ball gets rolling there will be many ways to invest.

In conclusion, investing in a shared intelligence system can create a world that values teamwork, openness, and trust, where everyone has a voice and contributions matter. It can help us face future challenges with purpose and strength, knowing we have the tools and community support to make a real difference. Investing in Supers is not just about fixing current problems; it's about making a better future for ourselves and future generations.

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