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Super America: Collective Intelligence - Part 2

In this article, we will explore how collective intelligence empowers Supers to have a voice. Before diving into this topic, we recommend reading Part 1, "Super America: Super Discovery."

The story of the five blind men and an elephant best illustrates collective intelligence. Each of the blind men touched a different part of the animal and formed their own perception of it. Only by combining their perspectives were they able to comprehend the full picture of the elephant. Similarly, collective intelligence gives voice to the orange. By sharing our knowledge and aggregating it into a super intelligence, we are able to collectively put all our hands on the orange. This collective intelligence encompasses all data we have about the Super, and it is what gives the orange its voice.

The Collective Voice of the Orange Using the Super America interface, each orange serves as a unique node in a vast network, gathering data from every interaction it experiences. The super intelligence of the orange continuously learns and communicates with individuals from all walks of life, including those who consume the fruit, farmers, scientists, and even those involved in shipping and logistics. Every interaction is used as training data to make the orange smarter.

Thanks to the system, sorting data is easy. Any interaction with the orange Super becomes training data. The process of collecting and labeling the data will create jobs for millions of Americans, and I'll talk more about this in future posts.

The goal is to give this orange the most authentic voice possible. To give it an understanding of itself. By collecting and continuously refining the oranges data, we create a super system that learns. As people keep engaging with the orange, its AI brain will continue to develop. The orange Super will gain an understand of itself global, regionally, locally, and even at singular level. The orange brain will have many models, including where it's located, where it comes from, what it looks like, how it's used, how it tastes, how it's made, and what's inside it.

The data gathered for the Super Orange is combined into an AI brain of the orange. This model is always being updated and improved as new information comes into the system. This means that the Supers, like the Super Orange, are always learning and getting better at understanding the world around them, which makes them even more helpful to us. Plus, the Super Orange uses everyday language to communicate with us, making it easy to understand and interact with the data. By using this natural language interface, we can start making sense of all this data, helping us learn more about the orange and the world it's connected to.

Curiosity The orange itself will gather all the data we need. Supers, like the Super Orange, are collecting information by being curious and asking questions in most interactions. When they get answers, they train on the answer. This makes the whole process of organizing and labeling data much easier because we're talking directly to the Super intelligence. So, the Super Orange is not just smart, but it also helps us by making our jobs of data collection

easier and more efficient.

Supers also store people's thoughts and feelings about them. Understanding how we all see reality is one of the biggest challenges to solve in life. It can be as simple as the orange asking, "How do I smell to you?" or " How do I taste? " This kind of information is really valuable because it helps us put together the whole picture, like everyone touching different parts of an elephant. By sharing our own experiences, these Supers can help us learn more about ourselves.

Supers derive their questions from us, embodying our collective curiosity. Serving as a public utility, they are continually filled with our inquiries. Over time, these questions are collected, answered, and evaluated, creating a dynamic repository of knowledge that evolves alongside our collective interests.

Organizing Data Right now, the information we create as a society is spread out everywhere, making it hard to put together and learn from. It's even harder when trying to collect what everyone thinks about something, like the orange. But with this new data system, we can store and find information better. By organizing and labeling the data well, we can teach super intelligences to help us with our goals. The better we save the data, the more we can use the power of collective intelligence to move forward.

The Super Orange not only learns about itself but everything it's connected to, like the tree, insects, plants, fungus, animals, orchard, equipment, and even how it gets to store shelves. Typically these systems are very complicated, and it's hard for people to understand all the connections. But the Super Orange can figure out these hidden relationships. In a world full of complexity, humans can only understand a small part of everything. But with the help of specific Supers, we have a better chance of understanding this huge world. By using the collective intelligence of our communities and partner countries, we can give these Supers the knowledge they need to find new ideas and possibilities.

As President, I want to build this system in America. But I see this system eventually being adopted by all countries. An orange in America is similar to an orange grown in Spain. The Super of the orange should have both data sets. I believe that all countries would want to work together on creating a system like this.

Big language models like GPTs, which learn from the entire internet, have the potential for disaster. However Super Orange only learns from information about oranges. This keeps it pure and squarely in it's own domain. I believe this is the secret to AI alignment. I will be covering this in other posts but wanted to at least touch on it in this paragraph. Sensors To keep track of how oranges grow and stay healthy, we will use different types of sensors. These sensors can measure things like how much water the soil has, and how hot or humid it is around the oranges. There are also special sensors that can check if the fruit has enough nutrients or if it's being attacked by bugs or diseases.

Supers can analyze the data from the sensors and tell us what's going on with the oranges in words we can understand. For example, it might say that the orange trees need more water, or that there are some bugs eating the fruit. By using this program, farmers and experts can make better decisions about how to take care of their orange trees and get the most oranges possible.

This super intelligent orange at scale can use millions of sensors to gather data in real-time, and then use a language model to translates that data into English. Essentially, the Super Orange gets its own authentic voice to share its knowledge. Just like you're an expert on yourself, and I'm an expert on me, the Super Orange is the ultimate expert on oranges. It can talk about itself using data from a million sensors and millions of people's thoughts. The Super Orange is like a grail that holds all of its data, giving it the authority to teach us everything there is to know about itself.

This incredible technology will give nature a voice. By enabling the Super Orange and other similar systems to represent and communicate information about the natural world to all users I believe we can finally come into the right relation with the planet. This newfound voice will allow nature to advocate for itself in a language we can understand. Helping us make better, more informed decisions that take the environment into consideration. We'll be able to work more effectively with nature, creating a more sustainable and harmonious future for both humans and the world we live in.

To change data into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom, we need a place where everyone can share their thoughts and questions. Super America. A system like this could change and improve America. With this collective intelligence network, every American could use the wisdom of everyone who has added to it. This is the Super America we should try to build, a country made better by collecting all our shared wisdom.

Super America will be a group effort by all Americans to make a brighter future for ourselves and our communities. Our strength comes from our differences, both as Americans and as people around the world. By using the power of collective intelligence, we can make a system of Supers that learns and changes over time to fit the needs of everyone. As we use Supers, they get smarter and we in turn get smarter. They will become our teachers and collaborators. In the next chapter I will explore education in Super America.

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