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Super America: Super Discovery - Part 1

I was encouraged to come up with a catchy tagline to represent the idea of Super America. Here it goes... "Pokémon Go for Public Education". But it's so much more.

Super America is a concrete vision for a free nationwide AI public utility. An operating system to help run America driven by artificial intelligence. The upcoming articles will outline, in general terms, the steps necessary to construct this revolutionary system. As President, I will dedicate myself to building Super America, a transformative initiative that will enable every individual and entity to reach their full potential.

Imagine being able to communicate with all plants, animals, objects, and institutions through artificial intelligence. I propose that we develop a new method to store and access our nation's data. By equipping everything with a Super Intelligence, we can create the right infrastructure to tackle our most urgent challenges. I refer to these as "Supers." Since it's a complex idea, let's explore how this would function using a simple everyday object that sustains life: an orange.

Discovering Supers With computer vision, finding the Super of an orange is as simple as pointing your phone at it. This computer vision and AI use your phone's camera to understand and identify what it sees. It can quickly figure out that you're looking at an orange. And then...

POP!!! Instantly bringing up the Super intelligence associated with it. The same technology that is behind GPT is behind this Super of the orange. This technology allows for direct communication with a symbiotic AI of the orange, allowing us to learn from it and understand its properties in a way that was never before possible.

To make this concept more tangible to you, here is a screenshot for the mobile user interface. Just click the Hi button and computer vision identifies the orange and a dialogue has been created.

Jenny is now talking directly to an orange. This simple interface let's us talk to everything in the world. Ultimately large language models become a frontend for nature.

It's simple concept and if done right changes everything. But what powers the voice of the AI? Collective intelligence.

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